Sunday, September 13, 2009


At this moment I am listening to Radio Liberty, Dr. Stan Monteith radio show. The guest is Josepth Chambers a radical preacher of the so called "Rapture of the Church".

Mr. Chambers mixed lies with truth and trys hard to make one believe that the "Rapture" CAN take place "at any minute".

Mr. Chambers is hoping that you do not know your bible so he can twist the word of God without you knowing it.

This Rapture theory, and it is ONLY a theory, there is NO biblical grounds for this teaching.

One wonders why Stan Monteith would allow such a lie on his show. The only way one could except this teaching is because he does not know the bible. That makes Stan a partner to the lie.

Now a days one must know the bible very well. How else can you protect yourself from the false teachings? We are accountable to God for reading his word and learning from it so well that we will not fall for the lies from preachers or anyone else.

I Have shared the bible with many preachers when they would teach a false doctrine. I think the preachers have a lot of pride and do not want to be corrected. The false doctrines come from where ever they went to get their diploma.

If you come against what Joe Chambers teaches he will call you a heretic. I always think about when Jesus said the world hated him first and it will hate you. You can feel the hate from Mr. Chambers. How dare you come against what he preaches.

Mr. Chambers will tell you that you do not understand the bible if you believe opposite from what he believes. My answer to Him is this, the bible is so clear on its doctrines that any one can understand clearly enough that no matter who teaches opposite you can correct the false teachings.

There are dozens of names who teach the "Rapture". You must know what the bible says so you will not be deceived. These are troubling times and we are told about the false teachers. We have to choose between the truth/lies and just the truth.

These men scratch each others backs. They pat each other on the back and buy each others books materials so they will not come against each other.

It makes me sick to see this. There are too many people being deceived.

Mr. Chambers just said he believes that the "Rapture" must take place BEFORE the Anti christ is revealed. He just called God a liar. 2 Thess 2:3 says clearly that the son of perdition MUST be revealed BEFORE Jesus returns.

Will you believe what Chambers says or what the word of God says.

I needed to tell you about this man who spews lies. The people who call in to the show are not reading the bible and are falling for the lies.

PLEASE read your bibles and do not allow a lie in your life. All liars have their part in the lake of fire. No lie can enter the kingdom of God.

Sharing Truth,