Thursday, August 18, 2011

Over Population

Lets talk about world over population. First let's go to the bible and read a scripture that will help keep us focused:

Isaiah 45:18 For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it, he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited; I am the LORD; and there is none else.

Keep this verse in mind at all times. We either believe what God said or we believe what man is saying. You can not have both.

We are told the earth is over populated. The children are indoctrinated in most every school with the over population theory. Not truth, just a theory. We are told there are now seven billion people on earth and that there is not enough food and water for every one.

Their answer is to depopulate the earth. They want to eliminate the population to 90 %.
They never volunteer to be first to help depopulate the earth. They want you to be first to die. Since no one is volunteering they are going to help us be first without us having a say in whether we want to die or stay on earth.

Years ago when I read Matthew 24: 21-22 I wondered how this great tribulation would take place. Now the puzzle is falling in place. Verse 22 tells us, that except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved:. Read it all to understand these two verses.

NO flesh should be saved. WOW, what a prophecy yet to be fulfilled. What could possibly happen that NO flesh should be saved? I can think of a few things that are taking millions of peoples' lives.

Famines, wars, pestilences and earthquakes are just a few things that are killing millions of people. This is also in Matthew 24.

Back to over population. There is no way you could over populate the earth, not according to the word of God. Remember Isaiah 45:18?

Use your search engine and ask it how many square miles are in the state of Texas. Take it from there and you will see that all seven billion people could fit easily in Texas. A family of four could have about three acres to live on. There is plenty of water also.

There are lots of places that could hold the world's population -- leaving the rest of the world to raise food and meet the needs of the seven billion people.

Do the math, read the bible, and do not fear what we are being told. There is nothing to back up over population. The "elite" want the whole world for themselves. We, the poor people of the world, are not included in their plans.

Pray and ask God to help us overcome. Tell your children not to be afraid but to trust God. We will see lots of bad things happen before all prophecy is fulfilled but if we are close to God it will be easier for us. Somehow God will help us. For those who do not know God, it will be horrible for them. We the Christians are not exempt from the tribulation that is coming.

Hold on to God.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

God sees everything that goes on upon this earth.

Psalm 33:13 The LORD looketh down from heaven; he beholdeth all the sons of men.

Today I visited my sister in law, she shared with me about people getting their utilities turned off. She had a scanner to keep up with reports in the city. We both know the hardship going on in this small city. The same is going on across the USA as people struggle to keep sane in this world that seems to get worse and worse every day.

I was so disturbed by this that I can not shake it off. Knowing people are hungry in this town bothers me. There are programs that help but I wonder if there still are not people who need money for food, rent, utilities and clothes. Of course there are.

The one thing I think about is the smart meters that will be put in every city some day. This will cause business as well as every poor family to completly shut down.

This smart meter is any thing but smart. It will control your life. It will cause your utilitiy bill to increase to where you can not pay them. At least for the average family they will not be able to pay.

For the people whose utilities were turned off today how can they pay the higher price of the smart meters?

Try this site Check it out carefully. Read about the danger and cost of the evil thing.

Water, natural gas and electric will each have a smart meter. See what you can do about this. Study well because your future will depend on it. Do not fall for the lies being told about how the smart meters will be helpful to you. All lies. Ask people who have them.

The noise from the meters are loud and there is radition coming from them. There are law suits in California now after the people have seen what the meter does. Time magazine this month has a one page writing about the law suits in California due to smart meters. So you can read about this mess with the meters.

As sad as it is to know what is going on world wide we need to inform ourself about the what the evil elite are doing and planning for the rest of us.

God will take care of them in his time but until then things will get worse. Facts are not pleasant some times. Not knowing what to do is hard. Trust in God stay in the word of God for faith and strength. Pray always asking God to guide you through all of these hard times. God is our only hope.