Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday and up coming "pagan" holiday.

Today is called Black Friday. The so called best shopping day of the year. I did not go shopping. I would have had to drive 70 miles round trip to get the "bargains". Personally I could not see any reason to go where so many people are. Pushing and shoving is not my kind of thing.

Most people go shopping to buy gifts for the up coming "pagan" holiday, called Christmas. As a True Believer and who is trying hard to be obedient to the word of God I am commanded by God, Please read Jeremiah 10:1-4. God did not say please do not he said do not learn the ways of the heathen. REMEMBER this is a commandment FROM God.

If one will check into the or origins of Christmas you will soon see it is pagan to the core. As are ALL the holidays except for Thanksgiving day. The information is easy to find on the Internet or at your local library.

This will go right over the head of the "pew sitter" but the Body of Christ already knows about the pagan holidays. WE know BECAUSE we are in the bible and we know what God says about the evil practice of the ways of the heathen.

Tradition WILL be allowed over the word of God in what I think is in ALL churches. People will say, "but my grand parents and my parents always celebrated these holidays. I know that. But think about this. Your grand parents and parents were NOT in the bible any more that you are IF they celebrated Christmas, Easter. Valentines day , Halloween ( really called devils night) and so on and on.

My mother celebrated these two so called Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter. BECAUSE she had NEVER read the bible all the way through she never saw what I saw when I read Jeremiah 10:1-4. The first time that I read Jeremiah 10: 1-4 I was convicted about what I was told not to do. That year we put a tree up and the next year I was so convicted I could not put the tree up.

I had to choose between what the bible said OR continue in tradition. I chose the way God told me to go.

As the true Believers learn what God commands us to do we try hard to be obedient. The whole bible from cover to cover is about being obedient to the word of God.
I can talk all day about the bible to a true believer about the bible because we are of same like mind. The "pew sitter" only knows what he has been taught from the preacher ( who was taught)
or a Sunday school class teacher ( who was taught) about man made doctrines.

HUGE difference between what God teaches and what man teaches. The fact is we all have to make choices. I made mine and I am sure IF you are a child of God you also have made the right choice.

The Word of God separates the Body of Christ from the "pew sitter." READ Luke 12:51-52 & 53. Jesus said in verse 51, " Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on the earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division; read the other verses closely.

It is the word of God that will cause the separation from tradition to being obedient to God. The world will hate us. Jesus said," because the world hated me first it will hate you.

Knowing this we must be prepared for how the world will look at the true Church of God. We are already hated and are disgusting to the worldly people.

Pray along with me that God will continue to prepare the Body of Christ for what is coming our way. That God will protect his own up until prophecy will be fulfilled.

God will give everyone a chance to be saved. What one does with that chance will be up to each person. The narrow way will be less and less followed but the broad way will have billions follow it.
Hope this will encourage many to read the bible. It is the ONLY truth any where.

Secure In Christ,


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Can you be deceived?

The thought came into my mind today about how many "Christian" people actually read the bible cover to cover.

We try to read or listen to the bible at least two hours a day. We can go through the bible about 10 to 11 times a year doing this.

We do not try to see how many times we can go through the bible to brag about how many times we go through it but in order to learn we continue to go through it. I mean from cover to cover each time.

I think about the times when a preacher some where would tell me, " I never heard about that before". The flags would fly as I began to see that not all preachers had read or studied the bible cover to cover.

I began to see over the last 20 years that a few preachers were preaching ONLY what they had been taught in a seminary. This became some what disturbing to me because I knew for a fact that many of the "pew sitters" had never read the bible at all.

The "pew sitters" would carry a bible back and forth to make one think they were in the bible but actually it was all for show. I can say this because of my own family members who do this even today.

A woman told me one time that her husband never read the bible yet he claimed to be a Christian. Thank you Jesus for giving us permission to look at the fruits of a person. This is the way we can tell IF a person is who they say they are or not.

Be on guard if you are still in a apostate church. If you are in the bible then soon you will come out of the false church. Jesus said, "come out of her MY people". A true Christian will not sit under any lie that comes from a pulpit or from a Sunday school class.

It will always be a concern for people who have not read their bible. I know for a fact that that person will be deceived by some one.

Let me again encourage you to please start reading the bible. I am sure that you do not want to be lied to. The only way to know if you are being lied to is by reading your bible every day.
There is SO much in the bible you will never know it all but I promise you that you will learn enough that you can tell IF you are being lied to.

If you catch the preacher or teacher in a lie approach them with the truth from what you have read. You may get the surprise of your life as you may be asked to leave the church as I was. I was told to either stop teaching what I was teaching or leave. I chose to leave.

I think millions of people are making the same choice that I made, which was to come out of the apostate church. They, like me, will never been sorry for the choice they will make.

Read your bible and ask God to teach you. He will as he has taught me.

Sharing Truths,


Sunday, November 23, 2008


It's been awhile since my last blog. I am grateful to God for allowing me to expose the false teachers by name and to expose the lies that is preached every time the church doors are opened.

I will be posting things about the false church and the teachings that are also not compatible to the Holy Scripture. I will always use the King James bible since it is one of the oldest bibles and the closest to the original manuscripts.

I will tell you about things that I have personally heard from the pulpits of Churches that I have been in over the 20 years as I have been a follower of Jesus Christ. It will not be hear say but facts as I heard them taught by false teachers and preachers.

I want to try to get your attention why one SHOULD be in the bible every day. We are living in the last days the signs are all around us. The birth pains are speeding up and we who are grounded in the bible NEED to share the word of God with those who are hungry for truth. The truth of course will be from the word of God not from the so called "church".

I keep in mind at ALL times about those who scoff at reality and who are under illusion from the evil one, Satan.

The only times I will use other bibles, what I call Antichrist versions, will be to show how they ADD to and TAKE away from the scripture and how the Antichrist bibles are deceiving billions of people.
Hang on as I will share things that most people have never heard before about the false church. God has given me the heart to reach out to those who are not afraid of the truth.

I welcome any feed back. Ready to share the bible as God has taught me over 105 times of going through the bible. I admit that I do NOT know everything in the bible and never will. BUT I do know enough to know WHEN I am being lied to. I know much more that the pew sitter will ever know.

I will explain the difference between a "PEW SITTER" and the Body of Christ". HUGE difference but also prophesied as to what will go on in the last days before Jesus returns, Not many can see the difference unless they are of the true body of Christ.

Hope you will check the posting when you find time. We will sit down together with the bible and learn what you have not be told in the apostate church.

REMEMBER a well informed person who is still in a false church is usually not welcome and you become a threat to the pastor who really does not want you in the bible. They will tell you to read the bible BUT they really do not mean it. IF you are in the bible you will catch the lies that they were taught is the government controlled seminary's. These preachers are NO threat to the One World church that is yet to come but is being formed NOW.

So much to talk about and will cover a lot of ground as God gives me the opportunity to do so.

Secure In Christ,