Monday, February 16, 2009

Charles Stanley at it AGAIN

Incredible but true. I listened to Charles Stanley preach yesterday which was 2/15/09 on his In Touch show.

He was jumping all over the bible trying hard to convince his audience that once saved always saved is biblical.

The problem is IF he would go through ALL the bible he could never in all honesty preach this false teaching.

Its true that one can be sure of the eternal security BUT not the way Mr. Stanley presents it. Charles said, and has said many times, that if you say the sinners prayer and walk the aisle and get dunked that you are saved FOREVER No matter what you do.

Now this is opposite from what the bible teaches. How dangerous to believe this lie. Remember that this is Satan's favorite lie.

I will share with you about two people that I know personally. One is a in law. He was in the Baptist church for over forty years. he was taught once saved always saved. He became a drunk. But because he said the sinners prayer and walked the aisle and got dunked that he is saved no matter what he does.

My bible clearly says NO drunkard can enter the kingdom of God.

Another is a lady who has been remarried many times. She believes once saved always saved so no matter how many times she is divorced and remarried she is saved any way. My bible says this is wrong.

I ask you to please read your bible from cover to cover. Then you will catch the lies from these OSAS teachers. Keep the Scripture in context never jumping all over the bible trying to prove a teaching.

Just wanted to keep warning those who are not grounded in the scripture. Time is way too short to fall for the biggest lie ever. Your soul is too important to fall for this lie. We are talking about where your soul will spend all eternity.

Charles Stanley has a lot of souls to account for. At the same time those who believe the lie will give account when the stand before Jesus to be judged. By the time we stand before Jesus its too late. We can not change our mind then its done.

Beware of false teachers and false doctrines.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Part 4 No Fear of God

Have you ever noticed how the messenger is attacked when the message is now well received? This has happened to me many times in the last 20 years. The more truth one shares from the word of God the more they are hated.

I think of what the bible says will happen in the last days. People will fall away from sound doctrine and turn to fables..

For centuries people have thought that their generation would be the end of the world. I can see why many would think this way. BUT never before in all of time has the signs of the last days been more perfected than these days. The end of the world could be many years down the road yet. After all there is more prophecy to be fulfilled. The main prophecy to be fulfilled is 2 Thess 2:3. "The Anti Christ" MUST be revealed. This has not happened as of 2/1/09.

There are many anti Christs already in the world this is what Paul said in his time. The same holds true today. Many false churches are full of anti Christs. These pew sitters believe ONLY what they are being told from the false pastors.

Again No Fear of God.

I was blessed by reading the word of God over and over and over. I learned well what God taught me from his holy scripture. This is how I can spot a false teaching as soon as it come out of the mouth of a false taught pastor.

I continue to go through the bible now into the 108th time. I expect to be taught more and more from God. I am anxious to read and hear the scripture every day as I know I will never know everything in the bible. I am teachable and will remain teachable as long as I live.

No fear of God is so dangerous that it scares me for the pew sitters.

My prayer is Katy will learn to love the word of God as much as I do.

I know the narrow way gets more narrow every time I go through the bible but we are told to strive to enter in at the narrow gate.

If only Katy's parents would read the bible over and over. Then as a family they would be of same like mind concerning the bible.

I will probably write more on this subject as it deserves more attention. I hope people who are sold out to a person or an organization will consider reading the bible. I promise you If you are here, pointing to my bible, then you will not be in the false church no matter what name is on the outside of the building.

Part 3 No Fear of God

The thing to do is ask Katy why she thinks she is not Catholic. Rather the parents got angry. Things were said that can not be taken back. Words do hurt. Who ever said that "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" sure did not know what they were talking about.

Katy feels she is being forced to go to a church that she does not feel part of...

I proceeded to tell Katy about some of the false teachings of the Catholic church. I also shared with her false teaching from the Baptist church. I could go on to the many other false churches but we did not have time to do so.

I truly believe that 99% of all human beings hate being lied to. WHEN one finds out that they are being lied to from what ever pulpit in what ever church why would they not leave that church?

Here is a seventeen year old who is still a child needing answers. She feels she can not talk to her parents about the bible. She can not tell the parent how she feels about religion. So she calls the only person who will not lie to her about the bible. The only person who she knows will tell her what the bible says verses what some priest or pastor will tell her about the man made doctrines of that church.

Continued on part 4

Part 2 No Fear of God

The danger is when one puts their trust in a human being more than likely they will be mislead. The crowd is usually running in the wrong direction.

I tried to explain to Katy that when a person is not grounded in the bible they will be mislead. I have never seen a church yet that was not teaching man made doctrines. These doctrines are opposite from what the bible says. The man made doctrines compromise the word of God. Again NO FEAR OF GOD.

We are told in three places ( there could be more places) in the bible that we are NOT to add to OR take away from the word of God. There is a penalty for this and its not a good thing.

These thing are not top secret. The false teachings have always been known about that is why people come out of churches no matter what name the church goes by.

Millions have come out of the Catholic church, the Baptist church, the Jehovah Witness church the Mormon church and many more organized churches. The truth will set you free and by reading the bible we are set free. IF one believes what the bible says verses what the man made doctrines teach then we ARE SET FREE from the lies.

God has a lot to say about lies. All liars their destiny is the lake of fire. Since God hates ALL lies we the true Believers also hate lies. This is why the believer will not sit under a lie no matter what church is telling the lies.

continued on part 3

PART 1 No Fear of God/Trusting Man rather than God

I want to share a phone call from my seventeen year old grand daughter. Katy called about 7 pm yesterday. She was up set and was calling grand ma for help.

I asked Katy what was wrong. She began to tell me what had happened a short time before she called me. Katy`s dad, who in my oldest son, had told Katy that the family was going to church. Katy told her dad that she did not want to go to church. The family goes to a Catholic church. Dad asked why she did not want to go to church. Katy said, because I do not think I am Catholic.

Needless to say that did not go over very well. Katy was left at home while the family went on to church.

I opened up my bible but did not go to a particular scripture with Katy. I started telling her from memory what I had read in the bible about false churches.

I told Katy that there are many false churches. I was not picking on the catholic church but on all the churches that I have been in in the last 20 years.

I told Katy not to argue with her parents. To ask them to show her in the bible where the Catholic is the ONLY way. I told Katy they would not be able to show her any of the man made doctrines in the King James bible.

The problem is the Catholics, the Baptist, the Jehovah Witness, the Mormons and the list goes on and on all these church members rely on the organizations as their final authority.

The church members do only what they are told to do. They do not go to the bible to see what God says about 95% of any thing. They have made man OR the organized church their final authority. How dangerous.

More in part 2.