Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things Are Not What They Seem

As I listen to a news report on the Internet today I hear truth as the reporting person sees it. It sounds good what I hear.

What I consider is the person who is giving the report. I know for a fact that the person belongs to a cult.

A great book to find out about cults and what they believe in is Kingdom of the Cults by Martin. I think more cults should have been added to Martins book. I will never know why he did not add at least one of the biggest cults because martin died without telling us why he did not add this world wide cult.

What we all need to know about the cults and what they believe. Why would a person who is a member of a cult Church call them self a "Christian"? I think it is to find common ground with the True Christian. We who are True Christians know is there IS NO common ground with what we believe.

We need to know about the famous and not so famous preachers and what they believe and teach. For the True Christian we hold to the bible as our final authority. For most preachers they teach what they were taught. We who have studied the bible will never fall for false teachings no matter who the famous preachers are. Know who you are listening to who is reporting news it will change how you look at what you are hearing.

Again a reason to know what the bible says concerning end times prophecy. Know your bible inside out. Just thought about what I heard from a person who IS a member of a cult.

What a person decides to believe IS up to them. It will be between them and God not between them, God and me. I find it sad but God every one FREE WILL as to what they choose to believe.

Listen to what ever you choose to listen to BUT use discernment.

Sharing Truth,


Friday, January 9, 2009

Man made clouds

I wonder how many people look up and see the man made clouds. What are you talking about Mary. Man made clouds I have never heard of this.

These clouds are made when air planes put out clouds from the back of a air plane. A normal contrail will dissipate in a few minutes. The chem trail will last all day.

I have sat and watched these air planes go all day long across our area. One day I counted five air planes making the clouds. The sky was blue but before the day was over the whole sky was covered in these man made clouds. I went out of town where I could get a good view for the video camera and shot the best shots I ever made of the chem trails. I first shot film in 1998.

The chem trails have been around since the 1940s. Research is available on the Internet. Google chem trails and read about these dangerous clouds that are world wide.

The man made clouds are called chem trails. Our area has had many of these man made clouds in the last few days. The weather men call the clouds high cirrus clouds, a term for certain clouds. The truth is the clouds are really serious, not cirrus clouds.

Serious because of what has been found in what comes from the clouds. Read about the dangerous contents on the Internet.

I wrote to a senator once about the chem trails. He did not respond to my letter. Being a senator I thought he might know why the clouds are common world wide and what is the reason why the clouds are there in the first place. I also ask who is putting the money up for the very expensive air craft going all day some where around the world. I think I know the answer to that question. The tax dollars must pay for this task.

If you look up ever once in a while I am sure you will see chem trails over your area. The chem trails are so common any more that many people think they are supposed to be there and never question why or what the clouds are for.

Once on a Oklahoma City TV station I heard the weather man say this, people are calling in to ask what are all the clouds coming out of the air planes. The weather man said people were asking about the Xs being made from the clouds in the sky over the city area. The weather man said "not to worry" that the clouds are contrails.

I sent a e mail to the weather man. I told him he needed to do his home work. That those clouds are man made and the clouds are called chem trails not contrails. I told him I did my home work and I know what the clouds are.

I am sure because this TV station is controlled as 99% of all TV stations are that he could not say any thing even IF he knew the truth.

I was talking on the phone today and as I looked out the window I saw the air planes putting out the man made clouds. Soon the small clouds spread into huge clouds. If one looked up after the cloud was full blown they would think it was a normal cloud.

Seeing the chem trails today made me wonder if people are noticing what I have noticed for years. Do your home work check out for yourself about the chem trails. You may be surprised at what you discover about chem trails.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Casting doubt on the word of God

Today is Sunday 1/4/09

As I listened to Charles Stanley this morning I heard his gospel being taught. Remember that this is Charles Stanley`s gospel not the gospel of my bible.

As I told you before I once believed what Charles taught. It was because I was in the bible all the time that I soon stopped listening to Charles preach. Because I would find Charles teaching opposite of what my bible said I chose to stop listening to the lies.

Charles believes and teaches the lie of once saved always saved and he believes that Jesus can come back ( the second coming of Christ) at any moment.

As you know from what the scripture says that both of his teachings are false. You also know much scripture that says opposite of what is taught by Charles.

I hope I am speaking to true Believers who know their bible very well.

Charles spoke of a woman who was over 90 years old who was a missionary. The woman told Charles that she did what she did because Jesus could come back at any minute and she wanted to be working for Jesus when he comes back.

Had I been there I would have took the woman to the bible and showed her the truth verses what she was taught and what she chose to believe. As bible believing Christians we correct by what the bible says not by what some one might have taught us. The danger is being taught by a human instead of the word of God.

Charles Stanley and thousands of preachers who went to government approved seminaries are taught well man made doctrines. How deadly to the soul to sit under such false teachings.

In the last few weeks I have had doubt cast on what the bibles says. I also had a woman tell me that she can not believe in a God who hates homosexuals. She told me that she was in the bible for 35 years and she can no longer believe what the bible tells us. That God is a cruel God. cruel God.

I do not believe that woman was in the bible for 35 years else she would see what I see. That God is a loving God. He can not condone sin in any form and the homosexual choice of life style is a sin.

I was sad to hear about the woman changing her mind. We used to talk about God and the scripture and she believed pretty much what the bible says. She always had a problem with God and what he said about the ungodly practice of the homosexuals. God calls the homosexual (sodomites) an abomination to him.

Some where the woman had listened to other teachings that said the sodomites are okay. That a homosexual can be a "christian". She chose to believe a lie and not except the truth according to what the bible teaches.

The King James bible has become the most hated book ever. Most all bibles are different from the King James bible. Most bibles compromise sin where the KJV comes strong against sin. Not many want to give up their sin so they hate the word of God.

But then in the last days the word of God will be more hated. Scripture must be fulfilled so we know that we as well as the KJV bible will be hated. The true Christian is hated above all people. We hear about hate crimes but no one ever touches how we, the Christians, are hated.

Jesus told us that we would be hated by the world because the world first hated him. So we know in advance what is coming our way. Remember its the worldly people that will hate us.

I have heard people like Johanna Michaelsen and Constance Cumby say that we, the Christian, will be deceived. I have both on cds saying this. My reply to them is, you are going directly against what the scripture says. Matthew 24:24 clearly says that if it were possible that the very elect would be deceived. I have stood on that verse ever since I first read it. Thanking God that the elect will not be deceived.

Its these kind of people who cast doubt on the word of God. For those of us who hold to the bible as the inerrant word of God we need to have something to hold to. I wonder how it feels to be deceived. You might ask Johanna and Constance since they believe they will be (or are) deceived.

I get so tired of so called "Christians" telling me what they believe. What they believe means absolutely nothing to me. What I believe is my KJV bible.

Hang in there those who believe the word of God. Do not listen to any one who will cause you to doubt the word of God. Jesus ask, when I come back will I find any faith on the earth? I think there will be little faith left by then. Because of what will happen concerning the hate of God and his word we must expect hate towards us happening more and more.

Remember there is only ONE God. We know who we serve.

I want to share the most hate of God that I have ever seen. On the dvd movie, Expelled No Intelligence Allowed by Ben Stein is the proof. You must watch this movie then pass it on. I want to watch it again and make sure I get the God haters names correct before I tell you their names. I was chilled to the bone as I listened to these men who hate God. Their agenda is to cause millions of people to hate God. They teach in the colleges and in the schools hate of God.
The movie names the colleges where God is NOT allowed.

There is no free speech according to what these godless men believe. Its their way of thinking OR no way at all. They do not realize that they are fulfilling the word of God. Plus God calls them a fool, who say there is not a God.