Sunday, December 7, 2008

Statin drugs aka cholestrol drugs

Last week I talked to a old friend. She told me that her doctor put her on Lipitor, a cholesterol drug. She told me how bad her legs hurt and that she did not feel well from what she thought was the drug causing her to feel this way. She told me how her sister and a niece had already choose to not take any cholesterol drugs. They shared with her about the side effects and she now is wondering about the drugs.

I told her about my experience with the five cholesterol drugs that I had taken over the past ten years. I told her how I was prescribed one after another of the statin drugs. As one would make me sick a doctor would try me on another one. No matter how sick I got the drug was always given to me. I did not know how dangerous the side effects were else I would not have taken any. Had the doctor informed me about the side effects I would not have taken the statin drug. That would have kept me from having permanent muscle damage today.

I took Zocor, Mevacor, Crestor, Lipitor and Pravachol. I think there was more cholesterol drugs but can not remember for sure the names of the all of the drugs. I still have memory problems after all these years. I have not took any the cholesterol drugs for years.

I had went to doctor after doctor trying to tell them that I was so sore that I could not turn over in bed. Dr. XXX, our cardiologist at that time had put me on Zocor. I told him that I knew my sore body was from the Zocor. He told me to take it any way. I got to see first hand that this doctor did not care about my well being. I dumped the drug Zocor and also dumped the doctor. I sure did not NEED a doctor like this.

Later I had another BAD experience while taking Pravachol, one of the worst of the statin drugs. I was so sick and so sore all over my body that I could not hardly stand it. AGAIN I went to doctor after doctor trying to tell them about my sore muscles and how sick I was. Most every doctor looked at me as though I was making up this story and they dismissed me with no answer. This became old quick and I dismissed every doctor that thought I was making up this story.

Finally I took the phone book and looked for a out of town doctor. I found one 35 miles away and a woman doctor at that. I thought a woman doctor MIGHT be more compassionate about me being so sick. Sure enough she was concerned and did not think I was making up this about my sore body.

Dr. X was bright enough to put two and two together. She figured out when all this soreness started and put it together when I started taking the Pravachol. She told me to give her time to check into the Pravachol and she would get back to me. In a few days I went back to see what she had found out. Dr. X ask me IF I knew the Pravachol actually ATE INTO THE MUSCLES. I told her the no one bothered to tell me this. She had did her research very well and I thanked her for this.

Needless to say I dumped the drug and dumped the doctor that put me on the drug. Dr. X findings about Pravachol got me to start my own research on all the cholesterol drugs. I found Shane Ellison, who WAS a chemist for Eli Lilly. Shane has quite a story to tell about his working for this company. Read Shane's books. He will open your eyes to the truth about the statin drugs. You can google Shane Ellison and see the books he has written on Cholesterol drugs.

Doctor Duane Graveline knows first hand about Lipitor. One of his books is called, Statin Drugs Side Effects and the Misguided War on Cholesterol. His other book is, LIPITOR Thief Of Memory. Dr Graveline took Lipitor and his story will open your eyes.

Doctor Graveline was a former astronaut, aerospace medical research scientist, flight surgeon and family doctor. He was given by his family doctor LIPITOR to lower his cholesterol, he temporarily lost his short term memory. Please read his books.

Both Shane Ellison and Dr. Graveline books are priced where most every one can buy the books. You can find the books at a reasonable price on Amazon books.

By reading books (and there are many books) I found that Q- 10 is something that is found in the heart. The cholesterol drugs deplete this Q-10 which can cause one to have a stroke OR a heart attack. I found out the the brain is made up mostly of cholesterol and if the brain is deprived of cholesterol you can come down with dementia or Alzheimer's, which is memory loss.

The cholesterol drugs do what they were designed to do. By poisoning the liver which makes cholesterol. This is VERY dangerous.

The advertising on TV says that sore muscles are a rare BUT dangerous side effect. I know there are many who disagree with this. It is not rare but common.

I look at it this way, God made your liver to make cholesterol and he put the liver in the body for a reason. IF you take a drug that poisons the liver it stands to reason you WILL get sick. WHY in the world would any one make such a drug? Follow the money trail and you will see for your self..

As I shared all this with the old Friend. She had her doubts about whether she should take such a dangerous drug. I told her to do her own home work and to make her own choice. Her well being after all is her final choice not the doctors choice. I say this because not all doctors know the truth about cholesterol drugs. They listen to what the good looking person from the pharmaceutical companies send to every doctors office. I call the person who tells the doctor about the drugs, drug pushers. They are indeed just this. This person is well instructed on what to tell the doctor. The doctor takes the drug pusher at their word never checking out what they are told is true or not.

One day I was at the doctors office when a pretty little drug pusher walked in with a huge gift tray of food. Wrapped pretty with a huge red bow on the top. I hear that the drug companies offer much larger gifts to doctors who push their drugs on innocent patients. All this of course is designed to blind the doctors eyes.

I have learned a lot over the pass 10 - 12 years about doctors. I am told there are a few good doctors. I have only met ONE. Surely there are good doctors who have your health at the top of their priority list.

It would be very interesting to hear from any one who has had the same experiences that I have had with the cholesterol drugs. There are many in my family who experienced the same muscle soreness. They too will not take the drugs any more. Just not worth the risk of having a heart attack. Read the books to learn more about the drugs and heart attacks.

Dr. Gravelive was the first doctor who said you can have permanent muscle damage. I have known for years that I have permanent muscle damage. I went from a strong woman to a woman who can not talk on the telephone very long. By holding the receiver for a short time cause such pain in my arms and shoulders that I could cry.

I want to talk about my experience with the cholesterol drugs. Why would I not? To warn another person so they will not go through the pain I go through is worth it.

Read the suggested books. You will spend a few dollars on information that will save you a lot of grief. As we all know, once you loose your health you loose a great deal of your short life.

We are not all non informed. The pharmacy companies would like us to remain non informed. For the millions of people who are well informed about ALL drugs our chances are great to stay as well as possible. Do your home work BEFORE you take ANY pill. We know ALL drugs have side effects and many side effects will cause great harm even death. Its your life take control of it. Thank the doctor for SUGGESTING the drug but tell him you will get back to him AFTER you read about the drug in depth. Ask how many people the drugs have killed. I always want to know this.

Most doctors will put in your medical file that you REFUSE to take a suggested drug. DO NOT allow the doctor to do this. Tell the doctor that you want the truth put in your file. Tell the doctor that you do not REFUSE to take the drug BUT that you want to check it out FIRST before you take the drug. OR in my case, I tell the doctor that I am allergic to ALL cholesterol drugs. I am allergic to ALL cholesterol drugs I know what they ALL do to my body.

I Hope many will have their eyes opened and will check out what many doctors are NOW saying and who are warning millions of non informed people.

Saying yes to a doctor who wants to put you on a life threatening drug is like a pew sitter saying AMEN to a preacher when the pew sitter has NO clue to what he is saying AMEN to.

I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. But I know what many doctors did to me with the drugs they prescribed for me. My warning is just to help people who do not know what I found out first hand. Do your own home work.

One more thing to think about is this, so many people actually do not think for them self. They are told over and over by what they listen to on the TV that they assume what they are being told is fact. Never once do they think they can be lied to.

People are told by the weather man to dress warm today. No one had to tell me to dress warm in the winter time not even as a child. I always knew when to wear a coat. We are told all kinds of things to do. Most people never question why we are being told to do what ever it is. Its like humans are so stupid that they can not come in out of the rain. I resent this. I am not stupid and I do think for myself. Even the commercials and other shows make humans look stupid.

Wake up people make a stand some where. Turn OFF the TV stop being told what to do and when to do it. Why do you think they are pushing getting "the box" before February 17 th 2009? Its because they can not control people IF the TV is not on. People will start to think for themselves. THINK about all this.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Alex says he knows his advertisers--REALLY do you know them Alex?

(originally published on Friday, June 22, 2007 on my former blog,

I am listening to Alex show today 6/22/07. I have not listened in many days but thought I would see what he is up to today.

No doubt we all are under attack by the anti-christ servers. But we all need to use our discernment now. (By the way I am directing this towards to Christians. The Unsaved will never understand and they will think the bible is foolish.) We are told to occupy until Christ comes. We are not told to fight. We are to make a stand concerning our faith with no compromise.

Alex has always said that he knows his advertisers very well else he would not allow them to advertise on his show. Today, and I have taped it, one of Alex advertisers is Most Holy Family Monastery. On this site we are told that outside the Catholic church there is absolutely NO salvation. That is different from what the bible says. As a matter of fact that is opposite from what the bible says.

What say you now Alex?? The sad thing is that Alex says he knows he is a Christian. There is NO way that a true Christian can join up with people who pray to the dead and who worship idols.

Wake up folks to Alex Jones. Listen to what he says as well as to what he does. You will know them by the fruits they bear.

We are told that we WILL go through tribulation that we WILL be persecuted in the last days before Jesus returns.

Alex has a passion alright but it is not towards God.

Listen closely to who advertises on Alex show you will soon see truth as to who is not Christian. We, Christians, live in the world but are NOT part of the worldly evil. We have NO part with lies. Some of Alex advertisers lie and you need to be aware of the lies.

Do not allow Alex Jones be the cause of you going to jail. Just because Alex encourages people to jump up in the face of police I suggest you do not. Remember all these things MUST happen before Jesus returns. Get in your bible and get grounded so you can see for yourself what is coming in these last days.

Update on Alex Jones' Rage and Ranting

(originally posted on Sunday, May 13, 2007 on my former blog,

As I listen to Alex Jones it seems he has gotten worse. He is so scary that I am concerned about most people who might listen to him. All the ranting and rage that Alex puts out surely must scare some people.

Those people whose heart is hardened all the rage from Alex will not scare them. I have to turn Alex off many times just from the hate that comes through. I feel sorry for Alex as far as the fact that he is not grounded in the bible. Had Alex read ALL the bible he would know the it WILL be God who get revenge on the so called Globalist of the world.

Not Alex or anyone else will get revenge on any one of these who hate our God. It is so sad to hear Alex and the fact that he still has not changed.

Anyone who has any morals hates what is going on in this evil world. We hate what is being done to the innocent children and to the poor people who have no voice to speck up and say what is happening to them and how bad all this is for them.

We all can say that we too agree with Alex that the Globalist are evil. BUT the truth is that things WILL wax worse and worse just as the bible says it will.

As far as taking back America that will be strictly up to God. What if taking back America IS NOT Gods` plan?? What if things really do wax worse and worse as we have been warded about in the bible?? Then what we NEED to do is pray and continue to witness to the lost of this world. Not scare them to death.

For the Believers, we KNOW that God is in His heaven looking down on this earth. He KNOWS every thought that the Globalist thinks. He KNOWS every conversation that is held in secret by the evil ones. Since God already knows the out come of each evil person WHY in this world would Alex OR anyone who knows God get so upset at something that we cannot change.
True that the evil towards the innocent of the world happens daily. Most Americans know about this. But for the Christian, and Alex says he is a Christian, we NEED to do as God says to do which is NOT to worry about things and NOT to be anxious for ANYTHING.

Remember that it will be God Himself who will get revenge on the evil of the world NOT Alex or anyone else. This again will not make ANY sense to people who are not Christian so I address this letter to those who may need to be encouraged in these last days before Jesus returns.
Turn Alex off if he scares you.

The bible says the first to be cast into the lake of fire are the fearful and the Unbelieving then read on and on about who will be cast into all eternity away from God. ONLY the Believers have any hope. When God told His followers that to be absent in the body is to be with Him that should bring hope to all of us who already know that we will be killed for the name of Jesus. NO fear just hope. God will take care of the evil people.

Alex Jones and His New Age Beliefs

(Originally posted on Sunday, May 20, 2007 on my former blog,

Alex Jones seems to be in lock step with David Lunch. David is a "New Age" believing man. You can google David Lunch and see for yourself. As a Christian the new age teachings are not acceptable to our bible. Now Alex says he is a Christian but his fruits show he is not.

A Christian could never believe in reincarnation as Alex seems to believe. The song that he plays often called the Highwaymen is all about reincarnation from line one to the end of the song.
Alex says he reads the bible and he knows what the bible says. I disagree with what Alex claims. Anyone who is grounded in the bible would never do what Alex Jones does.

Alex Jones has good information but then so do dozens of people. I chose to listen to Alex now I can see why I chose to listen to him. It must be so I could hear for myself what he believes about the Christian belief. Any one can claim to be a Christian and many millions do just this. But the proof is what the person actually believes according to the bible. Not to what the world believes but to what the bible says we should believe. The Scripture says that the devils believe and tremble so should we not weigh what anyone says the believe. This is what separates us from the worldly people.

This will only make sense to the person who is a Christian. The worldly people could care less what God says much less what I say. I ask you who say you are Christians to listen carefully to Alex and then do what I did which was to write Alex and warn him about the new age beliefs he has. My e mails never got read OR was read and ignored. Yes we all hate what is going on with the children by the globalist. Yes we all hate what the globalist are doing to man kind BUT for the Christian we know that things will get worse and worse not better. Gods prophecy will be fulfilled whether we are ready for it to be fulfilled or not.

I think Alex has the perfect chance to warn people to get ready spiritually because of what is coming our way. But instead Alex is scaring people to death.
Pray for Alex Jones that he will come to know Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and that he will warn people while he has the chance. The biggest part of Alex audience probably are not Christian for reason this Alex could reach thousands of people who will spend all eternity separated from God. I know for a fact that I can not do much to reach people but for those people who claim to be Christian-- they have the chance of a life time.

We all know that it will not be long before the Internet and radio shows who get some truth out will be shut down. So why not do all we can not to reach the Unsaved people of the world.
Alex is saying as I listen to him "this is the time right now" he mentions all the things that are going on in the new world order. Yet Alex has no clue that all these things must take place for Gods` prophecy to be fulfilled.

How sad. But we as Christians know what to look for. We will pray and wait. We will do all we can to reach the people who do not know God.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today I listened to Alex Jones 12/3/2008

As I listened to Alex Jones I heard a lot of good information. Most I already knew about from the AFP ( American Free Press) news paper or news from The Idaho Observer. Both great news sources.

Alex as always got pushed out of shape about what is going on in the world today. I also hate the way things are happening world wide. Its evil to the core. The bible actually says that things will get worse and worse.

The difference between Alex and me is I know what the bible says about future advents that will come to pass soon. I have read the bible many times ( almost through with 105 times now) and I know what we are told to watch for. I assume that Alex has never read the bible. He knows just enough to be dangerous.

Lindsey Williams is Alex guest at this very moment ( actually this is a rerun from yesterday) . Lindsey was a chaplain for many years. I can tell by his conversation that Lindsey has never read the bible through. Alex ask Lindsey to tell him what to do in these evil times. Lindsey did say to turn to God in these times which I also agree with. I think Lindsey should have said to Alex, prophecy from the bible is being fulfilled and things will just get worse and worse. You need to get prepared for what is coming.

The bible prophecy should be brought into every thing that is going on. But so few apply what the bible says to current events. WHY do not people use the bible to give comfort in these times of concern? Simple answer. Because they do not know what the bible says.

Alex said that he some times drinks a quarter of a bottle of tequila to make him forget what is going on. Now wait a minute, Alex says he is a "Christian". No true Believer would ever turn to a bottle to forget any thing. As a Believer I know what the bible says about a drunkard not entering into the kingdom of God.

There is no way that we can take back America as Alex believes we can. Whether we are ready or not prophecy will be fulfilled. What we, the true Believer must do is pray asking God to help us as we go through these evil times. Since God already knows the out come of all things we trust God with each day.

I have and will pray for Alex Jones. I ask others to pray for Alex that he will be saved and come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Time is short for the whole human race. Many will scoff at reality as people always have done.

I just wanted to tell you what I heard today from Alex Jones. I can not listen to Alex very much because he still rants and raves way too much for me. What a opportunity Alex has to get the truth out about bible prophecy coming to pass. BUT then Alex does not know about bible prophecy.

As I always say, IF one is not in the bible then there is no way that they will understand what is going on. I always say this, this is for the Believers to read. There is no way that the person who is not of the Body of Christ will understand any thing that I have said much less agree with the bible.

They are talking about buying up seed to plant for the famine of 2009. I ask, what makes you think you will be allowed to plant anything? You must have water to grow a garden and with the talk about water shortage we will not be allowed to water anything. Control will be the name of the game in the future.

Pray for the lost people world wide. Ask God to help in these times of evil. Hope I helped your eyes opened today to what is going on STILL with Alex Jones. Do not allow Alex to scare you. Turn him off and read the truth from American Free Press or The Idaho Observer. Turn the tvs off else you will be scared to death. If you watch the tv then every day you are being told what they want you to know. Think about it.

My family will tell you that if they did not see it on the tv then they will not believe it (what ever it is).

Hope In Christ,